news from the DR | 11.2015

On November 8, we had the opportunity to Skype with Luis, with Dr. Aguilar translating. We’re thankful technology provides a way to stay connected between trips.

The Vargas family is dreaming big. Luis shared their hopes of building playgrounds in La Mosca. This space would be a place where kids could have fun and stay out of trouble; it could also serve as a place to host what Reina calls an orientation program, training families in things like parenting. The church also is in need of more space. They would like to enclose the outdoor area and add a second level to better meet the needs of the church and nutrition clinic. These big dreams all require funding before they can organize the project through GO.

Luis asked us to pray for a bedridden 12-year-old child in the community. He’s getting better, but still has a long way to go. We also asked if their family had any specific prayer requests. Yeison is looking for work to help pay for his education, and Reina is hoping to get a government job as an educator. His request for Dilson was “to do well in baseball.” They take baseball very seriously in the Dominican!

We’re praying for big things in the Vargas family and the community of La Mosca, and hope you will too!