news from the DR | 05.2016

On May 13, we had the opportunity to Skype with Luis, with Dr. Aguilar translating. We’re thankful technology provides a way to stay connected between trips.

It’s almost summer, but the Vargas family is staying busy with school! In addition to attending GO’s seminary, Luis has been taking law classes with the goal of helping renters in the community negotiate their leases and stand up for their rights. He’s a third of the way through the four-year program. Reina is finishing up a course for her degree; she’s been studying psychology so she can more effectively help kids in the community. Yeison has one more test in his entrance exam for university, while Dilson is working hard in high school (only two more years!).

The Vargas family had to move to a new apartment due to a leaky roof, but they’re closer to family, which they enjoy. And after a drought, they aren’t complaining about all the rain this year! Their car is currently running, but they’re working with GO to try to sell it and find a more reliable vehicle.

Enclosing the church’s outdoor space is still on their wish list, and on a smaller scale, the church could use some new electrical equipment for music on Sunday mornings. Luis asked us to pray for stability and longevity in the church with a transient community, for their outreach to the community’s youth, and for the women’s group’s craft sales (they raise money for the annual women’s conference). They’re working to reorganize the nutrition center to make it more effective, and brainstorming how to reach nearby communities. Personally, Luis asked us to pray for Yeison and Dilson to embrace their faith and really own their relationships with God.

We also got an update from Torre on life in the Aguilar home with their new baby, Adelina. Jess is loving being a mom, but it’s hard to  be so far away from family. They’re thankful that Zika is not as prevalent in Santiago at the moment. They’re also excited about Leah, the new missionary who is helping with the medical teams.

It’s always good to catch up with our dear friends, and they’re looking forward to seeing our team in person in just a couple short months!