news from the DR | 02.2015

This month we received an update on the Vargas family and La Mosca via Jackie at GO Ministries. We’re grateful for the news and specific ways we can pray for and encourage the family and the community.

The Vargas family continues to do well. Yeison and Dilson are studying a lot in school, and they both love playing the drums and basketball. Luis and Reina signed up for the GO Ministries couples retreat coming up this spring. They believe it’s important to continue actively building a strong relationship with your spouse, instead of waiting for problems.  They are focused on keeping their marriage fresh and healthy!

The church in La Mosca continues to find creative ways to support and enrich their community. For Valentine’s Day, 80 people from the neighborhood attended a talent night the church held on the patio, and the event was a big hit. They also continue to host community game nights full of dominos, cards, chess, and good food. These events are a great opportunity for the community members to build friendships and connect with their neighbors. The church also has started a door-to-door program, where they plan on visiting and praying for every home in the neighborhood. All of the church members are participating in this initiative. It is great to see them taking on the responsibility of reaching out to their neighbors.

The community continues to face difficult circumstances as they deal with abuse and violence. A recent attack on a girl who participates in the nutrition center is a reminder that many children in the neighborhood continue to suffer from all different forms of abuse. Also, fight between two men in front of the church led to one man being killed in the street. The families have become involved, and their conflict has escalated the tension in the neighborhood.

Please pray for Luis and Reina as they seek to be light in their community in the face of these challenges. Also pray for the church members to embrace their community and tangibly share God’s love with everyone.