REUNION Christmas in the DR

At REUNION, we like to celebrate Christmas a little differently. Every year we invite our community to worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all!

We WORSHIP FULLY, by putting down the burden of schedules, debt, stress, and obligation, instead centering everything we do around not only Jesus’s birth, but his life, example, love, death, and ultimately resurrection. We also commit to SPEND LESS time worried about getting the perfect gifts and creating the perfect party, and to spend less money on gifts that no one really wants. We do this so we are able to GIVE MORE to things that matter: presence over presents. In doing all of this we then have the incredible opportunity to LOVE ALL with our time, energy, and finances. At REUNION, as a community we love all by taking up a huge offering one Sunday in December and giving it all away to partners locally and globally, who are doing amazing things throughout our community and world! In the past eight years we have given away more than $250,000 to these partners thanks to our community’s amazing generosity and love.

A portion of this offering has provided a four-wheel drive truck to enable the Vargas family to better support the community; a fridge for the nutrition clinic that feeds 100+ kids six days a week; a sound system for the church’s weekly services; bibles for the community; and funds to build a roof over the church’s outdoor space that houses countless events, including our medical clinic.

This year, we are once again supporting the Vargas family as part of this incredible REUNION community annual tradition. To participate, you can give online until December 22 (make sure to select REUNION Christmas 2017 in the dropdown).