pray this week

Our team would appreciate your prayers this week as we serve in the Dominican. Download the prayer card PDF for easy access!

TUESDAY, July 26: Travel Day

Pray for safety as the Reunion team travels today and pray for God’s Spirit to work in each team member.

WEDNESDAY, July 27: Sort Meds + La Mosca

Pray that the team would be ambassadors of the Good News as they get to know the village of La Mosca.

THURSDAY, July 28: Medical Clinic + Construction

Pray for the community of La Mosca, that God would work in big ways there and that Reunion’s relationship with the community would grow.

FRIDAY, July 29: Medical Clinic + Construction

Pray for the Vargas family (Luis, Reina, Yeison, and Dilson), their relationships with one another, and with those in La Mosca.

SATURDAY, July 30: Service Projects

Pray for the children of La Mosca, that through the Vargas family, and through the team, they would tangibly find the love of God.

SUNDAY, July 31: Church + Beach

Pray that the entire community of La Mosca would come to know the love and hope that Jesus offers.

MONDAY, August 1: Beach + Reflection

Pray for joy and for the eyes to see what God is doing in the life of our team members as they reflect on the week.

TUESDAY, August 2: Travel Day

Pray for safety as the team travels home today, and for the boldness to tell their stories and continue to serve their communities back home!