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July 2019 trip

REUNION’s summer 2019 DR trip took place from July 23 through 30.

This year, our team served 532 patients in our annual medical clinic, painted 5 houses, and served the community alongside the Vargas family. We also had plenty of opportunities to catch up with the Vargas family and changes in the community of La Mosca.

Both Luis and Reina have worked hard to grow their skills and talents, and we learned about some great opportunities they have had to put those to use. Luis is now mentoring another pastor, Andres, at a nearby church in the GO Ministries network. We were able to support this relationship by extending our medical clinic to a third day at Andres’s church. Reina is counseling more than 60 kids in La Mosca who struggle with behavior issues or face domestic violence. It’s so exciting to see her put her psychology degree to work in support of the community. We were also happy to see their sons are doing well. Luis Jr. and his wife are expecting a baby, Yeison has a good job, and Dilson is currently in school.

The annual medical clinic continues to be a unique opportunity for the church to serve the community, and also gave us insight into La Mosca. We saw more than 200 repeat patients, and were able to refill previous prescriptions, meeting an important need. Although high blood pressure continues to be an issue, it seems the number of cases has gone down. We also saw fewer patients than last year, and we are cautiously optimistic this is because of the employment changes in La Mosca: more individuals have jobs that provide them better access to healthcare. Unfortunately, we also saw a spike in STDs, particularly in young kids, and Reina confirmed that child prostitution exists in the community. We will be praying for the issue and also listening to the community for ideas on how we can help, and we hope you will join us in that prayer.

We also saw positive changes in the church. They were able to expand the church’s property, creating space for storage, the sewing program, and counseling. And there are now four leaders with dedicated roles to assist Luis and Reina. It’s beautiful to see them in action!

We’re so thankful we have the opportunity to partner with the Vargas family. While the place they serve is in many ways the opposite of Boston, our time together reminds us how much we all have in common, and what God can do when we do the simple, hard work of loving and caring for others.

REUNION La Mosca July 2019 from REUNION Christian Church on Vimeo.

JULY 2019 TEAM MEMBERS: Nicole Cisz, Jess Crough, Megan Davis, Mark Diodato, Stacey Escalante, Bailey Haines, Lindsay Hicks, Ashley Laine, Jose Pagan, Samantha Perfas, Sharon Sporman, Shana Sporman