Each year, we return to La Mosca to build relationships, encourage our partners, and love the community. The work we accomplish—the medical clinic, the service projects, the children's ministry, and everything in between—along with the support and encouragement we offer, empower the Vargas family to continue the hard work of serving this community every day. The relationship and experience also transforms us, changing the way we view and interact with the world.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to cancel our July 2020 trip. Thankfully, REUNION is still able to partner with the Vargas family during this season! We are sponsoring a Dominican-led medical team to serve La Mosca in place of our annual medical clinic. We also will be providing food aid to the community. In this season, your support will go towards meeting these needs.

Hear from team members.

The things we do in La Mosca are much more than the actions themselves, but what those actions do for the community. Painting houses and laying concrete floors restore dignity to a community that very few care about. Running a three-day health clinic in a church building shows the church deeply loves and cares for the whole person, not just his or her soul. Having a game night for kids shows there is value in playing, not just working. Working alongside Reina Vargas in the nutrition clinic for kids affirms her tremendously good work. Spending time with the Vargas family means we became a part of their family forever, and they a part of ours. Lindsay Hicks

We learn from Jeremiah 29:11 that God has a plan for us, plans to give us hope and a future. But how does one maintain such perspective when we see pain and brokenness around the world? Sometimes I get overwhelmed and lose sight of this truth. Going on this trip helped me remember there is hope when we go and serve in hopeless places. Weng Fabella

Beyond the part we played in bringing joy, love, and support to our DR community, the experience also transformed my thinking about REUNION’s role in Boston. Many of the things I’ve learned and embraced about REUNION—living locally, investing in your neighbors, loving recklessly—I saw actively lived out by the GO staff, the Vargas family, and the rest of our DR network. They are truly living the church in all that they do, and if just a small fraction of that could be captured and breathed into our REUNION community, we would never be the same. Samantha Perfas

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Thanks to Samantha Perfas for sharing her reflections on our most recent trip, and how God is using our partnership to transform both La Mosca and Boston. We’re grateful for a week of serving alongside the Vargas family, and are already looking forward to seeing them again this summer!

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