information for team members

The team member packet contains everything you need to know as you prepare for your trip, as well as all of the required forms. The team member packet is available via your team leaders. If you have not yet received the team member packet, please reach out.

February 2020 trip important dates

Our trip dates are February 15-22, 2020. By committing to the trip, team members also commit to attending all team meetings, which are vital to building team unity and preparing for the trip. If you have an unavoidable conflict, you MUST communicate with team leaders ahead of time.

  • team meeting 1 @ 3 p.m., Sunday, November 10 (share in a potluck friendsgiving event)
  • team meeting 2 @ 2 p.m., Sunday, December 8 (wear an ugly sweater)
  • team meeting 3 @ 2 p.m., Sunday, January 12 (warm up with s'more and hot chocolate)
  • team building and pre-trip donation packing party @ 11 a.m., Saturday, February 2 (enjoy Dominican SANCOCHO)
* All meetings are in Assembly Square. Contact Yinette Guzman for details.


You have already paid your deposit. You need to have an additional $800 in by December 8 so we can make our final airfare payment, and the remainder of your funds in by January 26 so we can make our final payment to GO and purchase our team supplies. Please plan your fundraisers accordingly, and contact Yinette if you have concerns. If you are interested in team fundraising activities, let Yinette know.

The packing list is curated with years of experience and includes links for the mosquito net and portable fan trip veterans recommend. Give yourself enough time to order items hard to find in stores (like mosquito nets).

(And if you're packing for kids, don't miss Amanda's advice!)

what to expect

GO Ministries created a helpful video that covers just about everything: what we eat, where we stay, cultural differences to keep in mind, expectations for team members, and more (plus you'll get to see many of the GO staff you'll meet when we arrive!). Please make sure your seat back and tray tables are in their full upright position, and take a look!

What to expect on a GO Ministries trip? from GO Ministries on Vimeo.


What is included in my trip cost?
The money you raise covers airfare, food and lodging, team supplies, transportation in the DR, and GO's costs to facilitate the trip; a small portion also supports GO Ministries, including a fund that meets the needs of staff and local partners (like the Vargas family!).

I don't feel comfortable asking for money. Why should I fundraise?
Fundraising is about more than easing your financial burden; it provides an opportunity to share your story and build a support network. From many years of experience, many people are excited to support you and this mission. We have more information about fundraising in the team member packet and will have opportunities to share fundraising experiences with each other at our meetings.

What happens if I raise more than my fundraising goal?
Additional support will go toward other trip costs and toward supporting the Vargas family's ongoing work in La Mosca.

Do other churches go on similar trips?
Other churches send teams to the Dominican Republic through GO Ministries, but many of those teams serve in other communities. As the Vargas family's partner, REUNION is the main team serving specifically in La Mosca every year.

Where do we stay?
GO Ministries has several dorms in and around Santiago. The dorms are gender-specific, filled with triple-decker twin-sized bunks, and have very shareable bathrooms. Yes, there are normal toilets, sinks, and showers, and (almost always) running water. Brownouts occur, but the electricity has grown more reliable every year. GO Ministries also provides three meals each day (lots of chicken, rice, beans, and delicious tropical fruits), and plenty of purified water to keep us healthy and hydrated. (For visuals, watch the video above!)

Please don't hesitate to ask your team leaders!