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2016 trip

REUNION’s 2016 DR trip took place from July 26 through August 2.

This year, our medical clinic in La Mosca served 500+ people in two days. We distributed vitamins, medicine, wound care items, lice and scabies treatments, and hygiene products to all our patients. We were also able to make house calls to individuals too sick to leave their homes, including a young boy who was badly burned while working in the trash dump several months ago. (We gave him a paintbrush and, from his chair, he was able to help our team paint a house!)

Thanks to the large team this year, we were able to paint the most houses we’ve ever done in a single trip: 18! Throughout the year, community members ask Luis to have their house painted. When our team arrives, we get started on the waitlist. While house painting may seem like a small thing, it makes a huge difference in the amount of pride people feel about their homes and the community.

During the week, we also helped serve lunch in the kids’ nutrition center. The nutrition center runs year round, providing lunch six days a week to 75-100 kids in the community. Saturday morning, we also hosted a very special pancake breakfast with eggs and fruit. We served 500+ pancakes to more than 150 kids and families.

Most importantly, we focused on our partnership. We created extra time and space this year for conversations around the Vargas family’s dreams and goals for La Mosca, and also to talk about areas where we can improve our partnership system and approach. We feel like something really clicked this year, and we now have a deeper trust and sense of support than ever before. We also spent a night at a resort with the Vargas family to give them some much needed rest and to enjoy more meals and laughter together.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. We are so excited to continue partnering with the Vargas family in the work of bringing the hope and joy of God’s Kingdom to La Mosca.

DR Trip 2016 Recap from REUNION Christian Church on Vimeo.

2016 TEAM MEMBERS: Nicole Cisz, Jess Crough, Stacey Escalante, Weng Fabella, Jaime Farnan, Katie Garland, Yinette Guzman, Jack Hymbaugh, Moriah Johnston, Jerry Judd, Thelma Kerby, Alexis Kurpess, Brent McArdle, Phil + Alexis + Skylar McArdle, Kellie McGrath, Kat Moore, Patsy Morgan, Dan + Katie Nauman, Brett Nichols, Danielle + Nate Oaks, Curt Reichling, Mallory + Steven Rosso, Shana Sporman, Amanda + Ben + Olivia Warren, Glenna Whitmill

You can also watch the GO Ministries highlight video from our 2016 trip.