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2015 trip

REUNION’s 2015 DR trip took place from July 28 through August 4.

This year, our medical team served more than 550 people in La Mosca—the community the Vargas family serves. Dr. Torre Aguilar, the new GO Medical Director, also took us to see the construction progress on the GO Medical Center in Hoya del Caimito, which will serve as home base for mobile clinics like ours and increase GO’s capacity for better and more health services in the entire Santiago area. Torre and his wife Jess are former REUNIONers who led our medical team until they transitioned to working full time in the DR. (If you are interested in supporting Torre and Jess and the work they do to help communities like La Mosca, please visit their blog!) We were so excited to see their work firsthand, and to spend our week with two friends we miss dearly.

During the medical clinic, our construction team moved around La Mosca, painting 10 houses, a colmado, and a church. This was a great opportunity to connect Luis to more families in the community, and emphasize that Luis’s church a place that meets their needs. As Luis said, those painted houses serve as constant physical reminders of what the church is doing to renew and beautify the neighborhood. During lunches, we helped serve food to kids in the La Mosca nutrition clinic, which currently provides 96 kids with a healthy meal six days a week.

We also had time to catch up with the Vargas family without a temperamental internet connection between us, and heard more about their hopes and dreams for their work in La Mosca. We are excited to explore new ideas of how to partner with them in the other 51 weeks of the year, and encourage and enable them to serve in bigger and more effective ways. And we enjoyed just spending time relaxing with them as well, learning more about each other, and all the things we have in common. Every year, our relationship with them grows deeper and richer.

We had a great week, and are excited for the progress we hope to make over the next year. Thank you so much for your support!

Our Dominican republic partnership 2015 from REUNION Christian Church on Vimeo.

2015 team members: Karen + Aiden Brown, Jess Crough, Brad + Caitlin Dobbie, Stacey Escalante, Jaime Farnan, Moriah Johnston, Magen Lorenzi, Kellie McGrath, Justin Moore, Kat Moore, Sonia Nettey, Emily Nichols, Anna + Ian Scherling, Shana + Sharon Sporman, Christina Van Becelaere, Ted Warnock, Ben + Amanda + Olivia Warren

You can also watch the GO Ministries slideshow from our trip.