We are committed to a long-term, sustainable partnership with the Vargas family.

Since 2008, REUNION has worked through GO Ministries to partner with Pastor Luis Vargas, his wife Reina, and their boys, who serve the community of Santa Lucia in the Dominican Republic. Santa Lucia, nicknamed La Mosca due to the multitude of flies that thrive on the surrounding trash dump, suffers from chronic poverty: malnutrition, disease, crime, and addiction are rampant. But the Good News offers hope in the darkness, and so Luis and his family work tirelessly to share God's light and love in La Mosca.

Each year, we return to La Mosca to build relationships, encourage our partners, and love the community. La Mosca is a place with many needs — water, food, medicine, hope, love — and Luis's church is a haven that meets those needs. The work we accomplish — the medical clinic, the service projects, and everything in between — along with the support and encouragement we offer, empower the Vargas family to continue the hard work of serving this community every day. The relationship and experience also transforms us, changing the way we view and interact with the world.


2016 trip

REUNION’s 2016 DR trip took place from July 26 through August 2. This year, our medical clinic in La Mosca served 500+ […]


2015 Trip

REUNION’s 2015 DR trip took place from July 28 through August 4. This year, our medical team served more than 550 people in La […]


2015 trip: we’re back!

The 2015 trip was a success with the medical clinic and house painting in La Mosca! We’ll have more stories and images […]

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We don't judge our partnership by the numbers, but reflecting back reminds us why we keep moving forward.

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