We believe lasting, meaningful change takes long-term commitment and hard work. A week-long mission trip can't make a difference in a community if it isn't part of a larger sustainable framework. GO Ministries offers this framework through global partnerships that support passionate local leaders in the work they are already doing in their communities.

In 2008, we took our first trip to the Dominican Republic with GO and found our long-term partner in Pastor Luis Vargas. His joy and enthusiasm for the gospel inspire us.

Luis, his wife Reina, and their boys, Luis, Yeison, and Dilson, serve the community of Santa Lucia, nicknamed La Mosca due to the multitude of flies that thrive on the surrounding trash dump. La Mosca suffers from chronic poverty: malnutrition, disease, crime, and addiction are rampant. It is a place with many needs—water, food, medicine, hope, love—and Luis's church is a haven that meets those needs.

The Vargas family works tirelessly to share God's light and love with the people of La Mosca, and we are honored to partner with them in this mission. We support them financially, encourage and pray for them, and work alongside them. Our partnership empowers the Vargas family to continue the hard work of serving this community every day, and this partnership also transforms us, changing the way we view and interact with the world.

Interested in supporting our partnership with the Vargas family? Learn about the ways you can give, consider joining our next trip, or reach out to us about your ideas for new ways to support the Vargas family!

REUNION in La Mosca, Dominican Republic from REUNION Christian Church on Vimeo.