HdY: a new chapter

While our partnership is with the Vargas family and our medical clinic serves his community in La Mosca, the construction efforts on our trips the past several years have focused on helping build the new Hato del Yaque ministry house, which is right across the street from the church dorms where we stay. The vision of this ministry house is to allow Pastor Elido and his family, as well as GO staff member Jen Goodenough, to live full-time in the community they serve every day.

Each year, we have looked forward to seeing the progress made by other church teams and the GO construction crew. Each year, we also look forward to seeing Jen, who serves as our trip coordinator, handling all of the logistics during our week in the DR, serving alongside us, and documenting our trip. Like the Vargas family, Jen feels like our extended family. We have followed along with Jen’s journey to adopt Isaiah, a sweet Haitian boy we have only seen in photographs. In both the construction and the adoption, progress came in fits and starts and at times we wondered if we would ever see the end.

That long journey has made the finish that much sweeter: on January 1, Jen and Isaiah finally made it back to the DR as an official family, and moved in next door to Elido and his family in the brand new ministry house. We are so thankful to be a part of what God is doing in the community of Hato del Yaque, and can’t wait to meet Isaiah in his brand new home.

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