past trips

2013 trip

REUNION’s 2013 DR trip took place from July 9 through 16.

In La Mosca, the community the Vargas family serves, we saw more than 650 people at the medical clinic, spent a day painting three houses in the neighborhood, and hosted a VeggieTales movie night. In Hato del Yaque, the community where our team lodges, we repainted the church ceiling, hosted an adolescent women’s health workshop, and, with the help of 20 kids in the neighborhood, created a mural for the sanctuary.

DR Trip Video 2013 from REUNION Christian Church on Vimeo.

2013 team members: Jess + Torre Aguilar, Melanie Blood, Jaime Farnan, Amanda Gil, Erin Glabets, Magen Lorenzi, Glo + Ed Lorenzi, Eli Moger, Danielle + Nate Oaks, Kara Peters, Orla Saunders, Anna + Ian Scherling, Grant Smith, Joey Wedge

You can also find additional photos from GO Ministries (shared by Nate Oaks) and from some of our team members: Erin GlabetsAnna + Ian Scherling