past trips

2012 trip

REUNION’s 2012 DR trip took place from July 10 through 17.

In La Mosca, the community the Vargas family serves, we saw more than 500 people at the medical clinic despite a customs issue with getting our supplies into the country, and spent time visiting families in the neighborhood. In Hato del Yaque, the community where our team lodges, we hosted an adolescent women’s health workshop, and continued construction work on the parsonage, which will allow the local pastor and GO missionary to better serve their community.

2012 team members: Torre Aguilar, Veronica Blair, Marge Cunningham, Jaime Farnan, Jess Fothergill, Magen Lorenzi, Isaiah McAleese, Dan Nauman, Brett + Emily Nichols, Danielle + Nate Oaks, Rosie Oaks, Matt Saunders, Anna + Ian Scherling